Creative Learning Academy Childcare Center

"Growing a stronger community, one child at a time".

Daycare Provider
We care for your little ones.
WE have developed a learning program to provide students with an effective and quality education.
As we prepare to become Step Up to Quality Certified and Head Start we use:
Lower staff/child ratios
Teachers have more time to support your child’s individual development and learning. This is important because 90% of brain development occurs by the time your child is 6 years old.

The administrator and teachers have higher education qualifications.
The administrator and most teachers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and many years experience working with young children. These qualifications benefit your child’s development and learning.

The administrator and teachers complete more than 20 hours of specialized training every two years. The administrator and teaching staff are committed to expanding their education and skills to better support your child’s development and learning.

Teachers develop lesson plans that support each child’s growth.
Teachers plan intentional and purposeful activities and experiences that meet the needs, interests and abilities of children and supports them where they are in their development.

The program completes assessments to evaluate and improve the learning experience. Regular assessments are done with your child to help keep track of their growth over time. This lets teachers adjust how they offer experiences to your child daily.

The program values its families and community.
Programs work with families and neighborhood organizations to provide more opportunities for children.